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- A Calendar of Local Photo Events 
- A List of Temporary Exhibits 
- A Listing of Photo Galleries 

Pacific Grove Adult Education
Fall brochure available on 9-10 

Batista-Moon photography classes 

CPA Int'l Juried Exhibit submissions thru 9-23 

If you are lucky enough to be 50+ 
sign-up for Brian Taylor's class: 

Steve Zmak collecting photography books (hard or soft cover but no magazines) for the Marina Public Library 

Got a sick Mac? 
Who ya gonna call?
Kenneth Parker, PhD
mobile: 831.402.3322
fax: 831.480.5722 (direct to email)
email: ken@kennethparker.com 

Need a mobile notary?
Candida Kutz didalk@gmail.com

Need a wedding officiant?
Candida Kutz didalk@gmail.com