Carmel Foundation: Kim + Edward Weston Events

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- 2010 - 

8 of the 52 members
of the C.F. photo group
who attended
Kim Weston's
one-hour live-narration
PowerPoint presentation: 
"Growing Up Weston"
in the Seideneck Room of
the Carmel Foundation
Reproduced with permission of the photographer:
Gina Weston
Al Harkin - Bud Miller - Dale Hekhuis - KIM WESTON - Chester Ng - Michael Humm
Fernando Batista - Arabella Colton - Barbara Moon

52 CF members attended Kim's 2010
presentation at the Carmel Foundation.
20 CF members visited Edward Weston's
home/studio "Wild Cat Hill"
20 maximum occupancy of Edward Weston's home/studio
BUT Kim Weston told GIN that she can bring
20 more Carmel Foundation photographers EVERY year

CF photographers, who visited Wild Cat Hill, each donated $20 to the Weston Scholarship Fund.

Monterey Museum of Art required its members to pay $700 to visit Weston's Wild Cat Hill.