If you have posted your photographs for sale on the Internet (along with your email address), please be aware that several MoCo photographers have received scam emails regarding the purchase of their photos.

The scenario goes something like this...

the buyer sends a check/money order for "too much" and then asks for a check/money order for the difference to be returned to them.

The scam:
the check/money order you sent to them was good while
the check/money order they sent to you was fraudulent.

The emails are typically semi-literate
(English does not seem to be the sender's native language)
however the emails are highly personalized
and include titles of your images.

It would be a good idea to make it  a habit to Google the names of all unknown buyers.

When in doubt Google the sender's name +
(the word) "scam" or "scams"

Photographer Robin Robinson advised receiving a suspicious email from a  "Sharon Blinkhorn"

I Googled:

"Sharon Blinkhorn" scam

and Google came up with 7 "Hits"

Photographer Kenneth Parker advised receiving fraudulent credit cards (via email) from:

James Theobold jamestheobold@yahoo.co.uk