Biography "Bio" Edward Weston

1886 Born on March 24 in Highland Park,
           located on the North Shore of Chicago, Illinois

1886 Birth of Margrethe Mather: Edward's first mistress

1896 Birth, in Italy, of Tina Modotti: Edward's second mistress

1900 Birth, in Leipzig Germany, of Sonya Noskowiak:
           Edwards third mistress

1902 16th birthday gift: Kodak Bull's Eye #2

1903 17 years old. Photographs exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute

1906 20 years old. Photograph published in a photography magazine

1906 20 years old. Moved from Illinois to Southern California
                               Los Angeles door-to-door photographer of kids + pets

1907 21 years old. Illinois College of Photography, Effingham, IL

1908 22 years old. A retoucher in an L.A. portrait studio

1909 23 years old. Married Flora May Chandler

1910 24 years old. Opened first photo studio in Tropico / Glendale

1910 24 years old. Birth of first son, Edward Chandler / "Chan"

1911 25 years old. Birth of second son, Theodore Brett / "Brett"

1912 26 years old. Edward met Margrethe Mather
         "Margrethe Mather was the first important person in my life" 
         Margrethe = studio assistant and favorite model for 10 years
         until 1923 when he went to Mexico with Tina Modotti

1914 Birth of fourth mistress and future wife, Charis Wilson

1915 Commenced writing his "Daybooks"
         Later the earliest years of writing were destroyed

1916 Birth of third son, Lawrence Neil / "Neil"

1919 Birth of fourth son, Cole

1919 Met Italian actress, Tina Modotti

1920 Italian actress, Tina Modotti, in the Hollywood movie
         "The Tiger's Coat"

1921 Italian actress, Tina Modotti, in the Hollywood movie
         "Riding with Death" - Fox Film Corp

1921 Margrethe Mather ceases apprenticeship and becomes
         full partner in the Tropico (Glendale) portrait studio.
         Portraits signed by both Weston + Mather

1921 Margarethe Mather replaced by Tina Modotti as his
         favorite model and lover

1922 Tina Modotti's common-law husband organized an
          exhibit of Edward's photos at the Academy of Fine Arts
          in Mexico City

1922 Weston met Stieglitz in Alfred's gallery in New York City

1922 Italian actress, Tina Modotti, in the Hollywood movie
         "I Can Explain" - Pathe

1923 Burned all his early "Daybooks" (1915-1923) thereby
          destroying all references to his first lover, Margrethe Mather

1923 Leaves wife, Flora, and the four boys at home while
         living with Tina Modotti in his Tropico portrait studio

1923 Edward + his oldest son, 13 year old Chandler follow
         Tina Modotti to Mexico City. Three younger sons with wife,
         Flora, in L.A. Befriended the leading Mexican muralists
         Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros as well as expatriates Count
         Rene d'Harnoncourt (later to become the director of the
         Museum of Modern Art in New York City) and the French painter,
         Jean Charlot

1924 After a year and a half in Mexico, Edward + his first son,
         Chandler, return to Los Angeles

1925 Edward returns to Mexico taking 14 year old Brett with him.

         Leaves Chandler in L.A. with Flora and the two youngest sons

1927 Edward is back in Glendale with Flora + sons

1928 Edward left Flora again and moved to San Francisco

1929 Edward met SF/Carmel photographer Johan Hagemeyer's
         assistant, Sonya Noskowiak

1929 Edward moved to Carmel

1929 Edward lived with Sonya Noskowiak - his lover. model,
  -35  student, printer and surrogate mother to his sons

1932 Edward Weston co-founded Group f/64 with:
          - Ansel Adams
          - Imogen Cunningham
          - John Paul Edwards
          - Sonya Noskowiak (Edward's then-mistress)
          - Henry Swift
          - Willard Van Dyke
             Other photographers were invited to exhibit with "The Seven"
             Other photographers invited to be displayed with the first exhibit
              (at the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum) of f/64 were:
           - Preston Holder
           - Consuella Kanaga
           - Alma Lavenson
           - Brett Weston (Edward's second son)

1934 Charis Wilson moved in with Edward

1936 Former mistress, Sonya Noskowiak, and Edward
         were two of the eight photographers selected for the
         California region of the Federal Arts Project

1937 Awarded the Solomon Guggenheim Fellowship
         the first Guggenheim awarded to a photographer

1939 Married Charis Wilson

1945 "Charis is in Reno getting a divorce.
           Cole is in L.A. getting a new Chevrolet"

1946 MOMA/NY Retrospective - 300 prints

1946 Onset of Parkinson's Disease

1948 Due to Parkinson's Disease
         shot his last images (Point Lobos)

1952 Publication of a 50th-anniversary portfolio
         (these images were printed by his son, Brett)

1952 Sons, Brett + Cole, with the assistance of Brett's wife,
   -55 Dody Warren (with Edward's supervision) printed the
         Project Prints - a series of 10 prints from 800+ negatives
         considered to be his lifetime best.

1956 "The World of Edward Weston" at the Smithsonian.

1958 Death at age 71 in his house on Wildcat Hill in the
         Carmel Highlands.  His ashes were scattered in the
         Pacific Ocean at Pebbly Beach at Point Lobos.
         Instructed that no photo be sold for less than $30.

2008 Sotheby's auctioned a photograph printed by Edward
         to a New York art dealer for $1,600,000.00