A List of Temporary Exhibits

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Thru March 11 
Photographs of 
"Fire and Water" 
- Ansel Adams 
- Edward Weston 
- Brett Weston 
- Cara Weston 
et al. 
Weston Gallery 
6th Avenue between 
Dolores + Lincoln 

Thru April 8 
Artists as Teachers:
Monterey County 
High School + College 
Photography Teachers 
- Kevin Bransfield 
- Martha Casanave 
- Celia Lara 
- Claire Lerner 
- Greg Mettler 
- Angelica Muro 
- Lesha Rodriguez 
- Dina Santos 
- Nancy Sevier 
- Trish Sullivan 
- Cole Thompson 
Center for Photographic Art 
Sunset Center 
San Carlos + 9th Avenue