A List of Temporary Exhibits

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Thru July 25 
FotoSaga Dreams: 
A Visual Photography Exploration 
- Carol Henry 

- Celeste Wahl

- Cindy Poole

- Debra Achen
- Kimberli Phillips
- Ruth Grimes
- Susan Kingsley
- Susan Dorrance 
- Tami B. Sojka 
Carmel Visual Arts 
The Barnyard Space F22
(next to Elliott Frame Design) 

Thru July 29
Bach Festival Art Raffle 
Marjorie Evans Gallery 
Sunset Center 
San Carlos Street between 
8th + 9th Avenues 
includes photographs by 
22 photographers: 
- Wynn Bullock 
- Ronald Adams 
- Diane Cailliet
- Dixie Dixon
- Susan DuCoeur
- Erik Hasselfeldt
- Mary Hill
- Peter Hiller
- Myles Lee 
- Steve Ligas 
- Fran Lozano 
- Alexanne Mills
- Jeanne Murphy 
- Chester Ng 
- Robert Nielsen
- Christine Olson
- Lauren Pond 
- Maria Prince 
- Ben Roberts 
- Jim Serbent 
- Nancy Sevier
- La Verne Whitmill 

Thru Aug 11

"Spirits of India" 
featuring elephants 
and Marwari horses: 
 - Chester Ng
 - Mary Aiu
170 Webster, Monterey 
Driveway to rear parking lot 

Thru Aug 24 

Monterey Pop to Deja Vu + Beyond
Tom Gundelfinger O'Neal 
one-of-a-kind, vintage silver gelatin prints of the iconic Monterey Pop Festival of 1967, in celebration of the festival's 50th anniversary. 
Tom photographed 72+ album covers, including the acclaimed Déjà Vu cover used by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and other notable groups such as the Rolling Stones, Steppenwolf, Joni Mitchell, Poco, Crazy Horse, the Mamas and the Papas, B.B. King, and The Three Tenors. 
Gallery Exposed 
San Carlos Street between 
Ocean Avenue + 7th Avenue 
between Wells Fargo Bank and
Nielsen Brothers Market. 

Thru Aug 245

Annual Exhibit: 
Tiny Treasures
includes mini-photos 
by various photographers 
Pacific Grove Art Center 
Lighthouse Avenue 
Forest + Grand Avenues 

1 of 2 ending on Sept 4

Weston Collective 
Exhibit of 2017 Award winners 
Monterey Musem of Art 
Pacific Street 
Of the 85 submissions, 
these 39 portfolios were selected: 
- Alex Hanvin Barbudo 
- Alicia Snell 
- Amaris Jones 
- Annalisa Olson 
- Austin Noorzoy 
- Carlos Rene Castro Lozano 
- Carolina Bishop-Iglesias 
- Carter Perez  
- Coco Wang 
- Daisy Ramirez 
- Elijah Taurke 
- Hale Jones 
- Jacob Alt 
- Jacqueline Hollander 
- Jadyn Ngo 
- Jake Morrow 
- Jean Chung 
- Julia Whitley 
- Katie Fraley 
- Ken Nelson 
- Madeleine Oh 
- Maggie Haun 
- Maria Isabel Ojeda 
- Mark Michael 
- Meredith Bond 
- Michelle Lau 
- Molly Racich 
- Nancy Gutierrez-Garcia 
- Nicholas Mandurrago  
- Nolan Beck 
- Rachel D'Agui 
- Rosa Aguilar 
- Sachi Popov 
- Sofia Chang 
- Talia Varijian 
- Theofila Oen 
- Thomas Yang 
- Vivianna Magdalena 
- Yu (Sherry) Gao 

1 of 2 ending on Sept 4

What We See: Photographs by Women Without Shelter 
Monterey Museum of Art 
Pacific Street 

Thru Sep 18 - M
"Who Shot Monterey Pop! 
Photographs from the 
1967 Music Festival 
(50th Anniversary) 
- Fred Arellano 
- Ed Caraeff 
- Jerry de Wilde 
- Henry Diltz 
- Lisa Law 
- Elaine Mayes 
- Tom O’Neal 
Monterey Museum of Art 
559 Pacific Street 
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