A List of Temporary Exhibits

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Thru July 15 
"Continue the Work"  Exhibit of the photography of BOB FITCH from the personal collection of Karen ShafferThe late activist photographer Bob Fitch spent a lifetime photographing various local, national, and international peace and social justice movements, capturing images of iconic figures such as Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Dorothy Day, as well as everyday people struggling for justice.
***The Bob Fitch Photography Archive at the Stanford Libraries contains over 200,000 images, primarily black and white photographs and negatives, spanning the period from 1965 to the present. 3500 images (of the 275,000 images he took) are free and are available for the public to download, as part of Fitch's arrangement with Stanford. 
The photo exhibit runs thru July 15th, and may be viewed during the Center's open hours – 1:00 – 5:30 pm Wednesday and Saturday.
Monterey Peace & Justice Center 
1364 Fremont Blvd, Seaside,

Thru July 22
Carol Henry 
Monterey Museum of Art 
Pacific Street 
exhibit thru July 22

Thru July 28 
Bach Festival Raffle 
various media/techniques
including photography. 
20 photographers: 
- Wynn Bullock 
- Ben Roberts 
- Christine Olson 
- Diane Cailliet 
- Frances Lozano 
- Fred Brown 
- Jerry Takigawa 
- Lauren Pond 
- LaVerne Whitmill 
- Maria Prince 
- Mary Hill 
- Mary K. Roberts 
- Meredith Mullins 
- Myles Lee 
- Richard Cannon 
- Robert Nielsen 
- Robert Parkman 
- Robin Winfield 
- Stephan Ligas 
- Susan DuCoeur 
Marjorie Evans Gallery 
Sunset Center 
San Carlos + 9th 


Thru Aug 12 
Annual Members' Juried Exhibition
Charles Cramer, Judge 
45 photographers including: 
- James Messer: HM (ImageMaker)
- Barbara Moon Batista (Padre Trails) 
- Robert Nielsen: HM (ImageMaker) 
- Ted Orland 
- Neal Swanson: 2nd (ImageMaker) 
- Mark Wainer: 3rd (ImageMaker) 
- Jack Wasserbach (ImageMaker)
- etc. 
Center for Photographic Art 
The Sunset Center
San Carlos + 9th Avenue

Thru Sept 2 
Bill Shewchuck 
Solo Exhibit 
Joe Rombi's La Piccola Casa 
212  17th Street, Pacific Grove 

Thru Sept 10
Jasmine Swope 
solo exhibit of photographs of 
CA's Marine Protected Areas 
USA's 1st statewide system of 
ocean parks. 
Monterey Museum of Art 
559 Pacific Street 
$10 nonmembers
free members

Thru Sept 15 
Multi-artist exhibit including 
photographs by:
- Kenneth Parker
- Tracy Valleau 
Carl Cherry Center 
4th + Guadalupe 


Thru Sept 30
Photo Exhibit + Silent Auction 

to honor Al Weber and 
raise funds for the state-required
earthquake retrofit of the mission.
San Juan Bautista Mission. 
406  2nd Street, San Juan Bautista.
Silent Auction of photographs by 
- Alan Paschal 
- Barbara Moon-Batista 
- Bernie Berridge 
- Elisabeth Sillars 
- Fernando Batista 
- J. Ben Weber 
- Janet Alcalde 
- Javier F. Alonso 
- Joe Enos 
- Karen Fayeth 
- Keldyn West 
- Larry Angier 
- Lazo 
- Lisa Rigge 
- Martha Hogan 
- Martin Vargas-Garcia 
- Marty Rose Springer 
- Paul Sillars 
- Ron Rigge 
- Shelly Klein 
- Sherry Hayne 
- Silvia Gardner 
- Thomas Gardner