Thank You!

A number of artists have very kindly given their images to the web-mistress in thanks for this website.

The web-mistress wishes to thank these artists for their gift images:

Batista-Moon: 2
Batista, Fernando
Bob C. Stone: several 
Brooks Leffler: 4
Carol Fuessenich
Cheryl Ellis: 2
Chris Axe
Dale Hekhuis
Eduardo Fujii
Elizabeth Murray: 3
Jeff Hobbs
Joel Gambord: 3
Kenneth Parker
Les Ellis: 2
Martha Casanave
Peter Monteforte
Richard Cannon 2
Richard Murai
Rick Verbanec
Tom Hierl
Will Furman: 3

Jerry Takigawa's wife, the graphic artist Pamela Takigawa, donated one of her wonderful limited edition prints.

And, master photographer, Al Weber, donated a 100+ year old "Magic Lantern"

Thank you one and all!!!

nb:  The web-mistress' brain is aged and aging.
If your name should be on this list,
please, please, please remind me at