Paparazzo versus Paparazzi

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"o" = singular 
"i"  = plural 

Bambino = child 
Bambini  = children 

you do NOT eat just one noodle
you eat multiple noodles thus
plural (end in "i"):
- capellini
- fusilli
- gnocchi
- macaroni
- rigatoni
- ravioli
- rotini
- spaghetti
- tortellini
- vermicelli
- ziti

Paparazzo = 1 (one) 
Paparazzi  = 2 or more 

Etymology:  1961
surname of the freelance photographer in
Federico Fellini's 1959 film "La Dolce Vita" 
The surname, Paparazzo, is a common one in Calabria.  
One of the most famous 
(maybe the most famous) 
American paparazzo 
(and Andy Warhol's 
favorite photographer):